The Great Canadian
Camouflage™ Company

is an all-Canadian company dedicated to developing and testing camouflage patterns to license to outdoor gear manufacturers.

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We are Canada's camouflage authority - we make camouflage!
We have spent and continue to spend countless thousands of hours studying the art and science of camouflage. This includes learning how different game animals respond to different patterns and colours, and learning about how different types of hunting create different camouflage needs. After extensive studies and we develop camouflage patterns that are specifically engineered for Canadian environments. 

It all starts with research.

We spend countless hundreds  - sometimes thousands - of hours in the field figuring out the practical aspects of camouflage. We set a goal for concealment, and figure out how to reach that goal under the various circumstances that an outdoorsman might face. We learn all that we can about the visual capabilities of game animals, as well as elements such as their kinesiology, physiology, habitat, and the way that the position of the sun affects light and contrast. Alot of work goes into getting things right, but we're dedicated to getting it right, so you can rest assured that your Canadian camouflage is the hardest working camouflage on the market. By picking apart God's creation, we can reverse engineer the genius of the Creator and apply it to our camouflage patterns to the best of our capabilities. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

What comes next? 
Well, next we help your business get ahead.

After we've made a camouflage that we approve of, we release it to tender. The tender is the catalog of all of our camo patterns currently available to license. As we make new technological advancements in our field, we add new patterns to the tender, and sometimes replace old ones. All in all, there are usually between 30 and 40 patterns available to tender at any given time.


Our clients - clothing manufacturers, retailers, outfitters, gunsmiths, and lifestyle brands, among others, can then purchase a license to use one of our camo patterns on their products. 
This allows them to take advantage of a market demand for Canadian camo gear, which in turn helps them to serve you, the Canadian outdoorsman. After all, that's what it's all about.

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It began in 2013.

In 2013, J.R. Lucas (pictured above) was a poultry farmer living near the town of Bancroft, Ontario. An avid outdoorsman with a wide variety of interests ranging from inventing to forestry to animal husbandry, J.R. noticed there was something lacking in the outdoors - Canadian camo. He had heard many people complain about the dominance of American camo patterns which they felt were not always applicable to environments in the Great White North.
Where there's a will, there's a way. Noticing that nobody else seemed to be taking the initiative to create northern camo patterns, J.R. took the reins and in late 2013 started researching how to go about developing a camouflage pattern. The next fall, his first camouflage pattern was released, and a brand formed around it - originally called the Aspen Grove Outdoors Co., we grew in popularity as we found more and more people wanted to use our Canadian camo. Eventually, we renamed ourselves the Great Canadian Camouflage Co.™, mostly because that's a more obvious name.

We're Canadian, and we make camouflage.

Do you have a retail or outfitting business and want to license one of our state-of-the-art, Canadian camouflage patterns? Contact us today to get started!