Canada's premier marsh camouflage, SUPERIOR™ is the result of years of hard research into not only camouflage, but the quarry themselves: ducks and geese. SUPERIOR™ camouflage is a pattern that will fool waterfowl from any angle - which is important because they'll be looking for you from almost every angle. No matter what you're hunting, if you're hunting out in a field or a marsh, SUPERIOR™ camouflage is the right camo for you!


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What this camouflage is good for:

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Superior™ is intended for use in graminoid-dominated terrain, such as cattail/reed marshes, overgrown hay fields, and cornfields.

Superior™ camouflage was designed to be worn while hunting in a blind, and while it does contain some technology to limit vision of movement, this is difficult to perfect in a marsh camo pattern and we recommend you sit still.

Superior™ camo is designed for hunting waterfowl - whether that be ducks, geese, or swans. It can also be used on moose hunts, crane hunts, deer hunts, and in some circumstances, predator hunts.

Why this camouflage works so well:

You're probably really curious about the white blotches, so let's cover that first: the white blotches were a breakthrough we made in late 2019, where we found that although they don't "look" like anything in the marsh per se, they contribute to the disruption of the camo pattern in a way nothing else can. Superior™ has these spots placed in specific locations throughout the pattern so they are utilized to their best potential. You might also notice how many marsh birds - painted by God himself with the best camouflage of all - incorporate similar streaks and spots. 

We can take the hint.

Superior™ camo also incorporates immaculately 'rotating' cross hatches, which do not follow perfectly straight lines and are too difficult for even the smartest game to mentally identify. They are used to provide further disruption in a pattern more reminiscent on how a marsh looks from overhead. This is important for obvious reasons.

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